To start trading or investing in cryptocurrencies, you need to choose a cryptocurrency exchange. The most important thing is not to make mistakes in order to avoid financial losses and enjoy the process. Cryptocurrencies are becoming more and more popular every day. While the prices of bitcoin and other coins are rising, people are finding ways to invest in new forms of money.

Cryptocurrency exchanges are one of the options for trading digital currencies. Such exchanges allow you to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies and easily enter new markets. More information at 9. Before you start choosing an exchange for trading cryptocurrencies in Russian, it is good to know your goals, which digital assets you should use. After all, trading is a systematic systematic promotion, and not a chaotic movement in the crypto market, buying up everything in price. BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, XPR and some others are still popular and are traded on almost all cryptocurrency exchanges. Less popular ones are rotated within 2-4 exchanges. User comments left on the Bitcointalk, Reddi forums are important if there are multiple sites to choose from. It does not hurt to seek advice from people who have worked for them for more than a day. Check the rate of the desired coin on a specific cryptocurrency exchange, almost all altcoins can be exchanged for bitcoin, the rest are not often exchanged for ethereum, the transaction price is determined in dollars, this indicator varies from exchange to exchange. Data about your coins is easier to find with the help of crypto services that have a list of platforms that support trading them, their ingredient pairs, value, daily sales.

Criterias of choice

  • Commission for the purchase/sale of services;
  • The minimum amount of deposit and withdrawal;
  • Verification. This is generally a prerequisite for all centralized exchanges, and clients can choose decentralized exchanges of their choice. The check also determines whether fiat funds can be deposited into the account or are limited to payments in cryptocurrencies. It all depends on the desire to keep/not keep your turnover secret;
  • Payment systems are more dependent on the level of regulation of cryptocurrency exchanges. There is a question of exit / replenishment to disassemble before the break;
  • Tools needed for technical and graphical analysis, currency charts, support for various types of orders to create more profitable trades.

How to trade on the chosen exchange?

Trading in the cryptocurrency market is based on the jumps of digital assets. Traders and investors profit from the difference in coin prices. The task of each bidder is to constantly monitor fluctuations in the exchange rate of cryptocurrencies and make successful transactions for buying and selling virtual coins in time.



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